With Love, Pandora: A Short Twist On The Myth

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All of the sudden everything comes flying out of the box and she is left with the feeling of hope. On the back page is a small summarized more in depth version of the myth. This book is well written and the illustration go along so nicely with the story. I really like how the author and the writer worked together to make such a wonderful story for children to enjoy for years to come.

This is must have book for any parent that loves Mythology and would like to be able to share their love of it with their children beginning at a young age.

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Hercules is a toddler who has a habit of getting into mischief. Patricelli says it all in the wonderful facial expressions in her character. Dad warns him to play nice with his little sister who is sitting on the floor with her blocks. You can guess what happens when Hercules decides to display his strength. I especially enjoyed the way Holub used sound words like whomp-stomp and ka-boom to combine pictures and actions of the story.

Mighty Hercules will have to learn how to contain his powers, and the siblings will learn a valuable lesson in the process. Both sturdy board books contain summaries of the Greek myths upon which they are based on the back cover of the book. Parents and teachers may use the series as an early introduction to fine literature as well as a way to teach the skills and values that toddlers are beginning to develop.

Pandora's Box by Nathaniel Hawthorne | Bedtime Stories

The story is based on the Greek myth of Pandora, here little Pandora just can't stand not opening a tempting box even though her mother has told her not to. The beginning is so cute, when she tells the reader that she isn't 'opening' the box, she's just leaning or sitting on it. I can just see little readers listeners in this age group doing the exact same thing and testing their limits. The moral of the story is great for kids, that parents will love them unconditionally, even if they make a mistake.

The illustrations are so fun and colorful. Little Pandora is so expressive.

Pandora's Mistake (Fate of Eros #0) by E.B. Black

The book itself is a great size, not too big, and not too small for little hands to flip through the pages. I love that the story is based on a classic myth, so children can learn about the classics, and hopefully spark more interest in these stories later on. Ovearall, this is such a sweet, fun, and colorful book for toddlers. I think they will identify with Pandora and learn from her as well.

This review first appeared on my blog Christy's Cozy Corners. These mini myths are written with the youngest children in mind.

Pandora’s Revenge

They've got minimal text and bright colorful, comedic illustrations that children and grown-ups will love. This book teaches the lesson of patience in a cute way.

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  7. Though Pandora doesn't listen to her mother and bad things happen, her mother still loves her. Just like when Pandora opened the box and evil came out, hope and love still exist. I think children will adore these books!

    I love how they have a little summary of the original myth included on the final page. The quality of the book is wonderful. It is really sturdy, so little hands can handle them all they want. Leslie Patricelli's illustrations are so colorful and entertaining.


    Pandora Gets Jealous

    Author Joan Holub is a wonderful author. I've read stories written by her in the past. She has a strong track record in mythology, and I love that she's now sharing these myths with the youngest children. Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 44 user ratings.

    Publisher Description

    September New Book:. Sentenced by Zeus to retrieve them, Pandora is aided by secret gifts from some gods and goddesses who, as Hermes tells her, remember their own youthful mistakes: A little petty thievery, a few unrequited loves, people mistakenly transformed into animals or trees or hideous monsters. Things we're not proud of, all right? Pandy, accompanied by two stricken friends, finds her way to the Oracle at Delphi and gets Jealousy back. Aspiring Hellenists will appreciate Hennesy's informed liberties with her topic, and novices will be not only fine but possibly inspired to go further.

    Pandora's Box - The Myth Unfolds

    Debut novelist Hennesy's Hollywood comedian background shows in her witty juxtapositions of modern popular culture and classical Greek legend: her work is rife with mythic creatures dryads, satyrs, gorgons , magic a talking diary, winged flying shoes, shape-shifting and lively dialogue 'Hey, sorry about the light,' Hermes said. Zeus wants everyone to be terribly afraid when I appear whether it's good news or bad; but that kind of thinking is sooooo Bronze Age, right?

    Accurate where it counts, this loosely interpreted myth rarely misses a comic twist. Ages Im only half way trough the book but i like it very much. I heard of it last year but i never really read it. Customer Reviews See All.