Unshapely Things (Connor Grey, Book 1)

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Boston police call in Connor Grey, a druid and former hotshot Guild investigator-whose magical abilities were crippled after a run-in with a radical environmentalist elf. As Connor battles red tape and his own shortcomings, he realizes that the murders are not random, but part of an ancient magical ritual. And if Connor can't figure out the killer's M. So far I have a soft spot for the crass flit, Joe Stinkwort.

LibraryThing member MlleEhreen. High praise for this Butcher-esque urban fantasy about a druid whose fall from grace might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Connor Grey was a hotshot investigator for the Guild, the organization monitoring supernatural crime, before he was wounded in the line of duty. While he's physically whole, Connor lost all his magic - now he scrapes by on disability provided by his former employers, and he's downsized his lifestyle from "lavish" to "meager.

That's how Connor gets called in to investigate a string of fey murders - for three Tuesdays in a row, male fairy prostitutes have turned up dead, the bodies missing a heart and left to rot in dark alleys on the wrong side of town. Connor has to confront the fact that back in his "glory days" - when he was rich and important - he would have ignored this case, too.

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He was only interested in furthering his career, so he only took the kind of high-profile cases that would help him up the ladder. Murdered prostitutes just wouldn't qualify. It's not just the case, either - he has to ask from help from people he used to treat like underlings, barely worth of his notice, and they're not ready to forget his former rudeness.

As for his druidic magic? Well, he can try regaining it - if he starts from the beginning, retraining himself like a novice. It's all very humbling. One thing I really liked about Unshapely Things is that it's the first mystery I've read in a long, long while where the detective seemed to do any serious gruntwork. Connor does his fair share of interviewing shady characters and setting up cloak-and-dagger routines, but he also makes time for research and annoying phone calls. I hate it when I read a book and the protagonist really needs some vital piece of information, but is always too distracted to seek it out - and it's not like it takes pages and pages to explain, either.

So yeah, I was pleased that when Connor Grey needs information he actually grabs a book or consults an expert. It turns out that his prostitute case is much bigger than it originally seemed, and plunges the reader into the murky world of fae politics. Fae politics seem to be dominated by the fairy-elf rivalry, which is woven into historical conflicts like World War II, and continues to play itself out in a global peace summit taking place while Connor is investigating. The only part of the book I didn't like was when Connor attended a party where all the guests were prominent citizens of one kind or another, and the description of it was really pitch-perfect, serious and dull as dirt.

Unshapely Things (Connor Grey, #1) by Mark Del Franco

I guess I shouldn't slam the guy for getting something right, but I was itching to get out of there before Connor was. The characters are great, the plot was well developed, and it built up to a satisfyingly thrilling conclusion. This book didn't have the kind of magnetic pull that some others do, that can't-put-it-down compulsive quality, but I will definitely continue with this series. LibraryThing member Krumbs. A good start to a series. The author's done a good job turning Boston into a partially supernatural place, but still keeping that Boston feel.

The rules for his new world appear to make sense so far and I'm interested in finding out what will happen to these characters in the future. LibraryThing member pjh He's different but in a good way. It's a new favorite. LibraryThing member Eclipse Surprisingly good, I don't normally like urban fantasy where the magic is so open in the world where elves and fairys hang about with humans with no one bats an eyelid.

I like my urban fantasy to have the supernatural to be hidden from the general public and wizards to be working behind the scenes being manipulative bastards.

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But that's just me so I wasn't expecting this novel to work for me but it did, I think because I enjoyed the mystery element of the book so much I think it's the first book I read about male fairy prostitutes being hunted down by a serial killer. I enjoyed all of the characters there all felt real to me and I didn't guess the ending. I will be checking out the next book in the series … more. LibraryThing member Maaike Nice read, but I could not really concentrate very well on this book. I can't quite decide why.

Positive points: nice to see a man as protagonist in urban fantasy. Until now I have read primarily urban fantasy with female protagonists. The modern world collided with fairies and elves instead of vampires and werewolves. Not so new is the power struggle between two "fantasy" races and their uncomfortable coexistence with humanity in a modern world.

A lot of world building and introducing characters. Downside: It took a while before any real action took place. Nevertheless, I am curious enough to try the sequel. LibraryThing member 4hounds. The first of the series. They are all exciting and suspenseful thrillers that end with a bang, and somehow the protagonist is always in the middle of it. The magical "rulers" or bureaucracy, anyway and their relationship with Connor is interesting, as is his relationship with his partner.

LibraryThing member Carol How deep can you fall when you once were a hero-druid, solving the most interesting crimes and being rewarded for it with money, star-dom and all kinds of pleasures? What if your powers get taken away from you and no one, no one, knows how to give them back to you?

Connor knows. Connor lives in the Weird. If you can call waking up, being depressed and going to sleep 'living' Seriously, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. A perfect read for a cold, rainy night. One with a moon that shouldn't be in the sky. LibraryThing member krau The fifth book in this series, Uncertain Allies, is due out the end of April This was a decent book.

It is an investigative urban fantasy. The world created is interesting, there is good humor in here, and there is a lot of attention to detail for the investigation. Connor Grey used to be a high-powered druid until his powers were stunted during one of his jobs. Now he is on disability and does investigative work on the side to make ends meet. He lives in the Weird, the region of the city where faeries made their home after the Convergence between their world and the human world.

Now fairies are turning up dead and the human police force seeks out Connor to ask for his consultation on the case. Little does Connor know these murders are tied in with the druid organization he used to belong to. This is a solid urban fantasy with an investigative bent to it. Definitely no romance in this book. The descriptions in the book are very intricate and detailed and weave an interesting plot and mystery.


Unshapely Things (Connor Grey Series)

The book is fast paced and the action scenes well done. There is humor throughout the book which I also enjoyed. Connor is a likable character; he wallows in self-pity some but in general tries to make a good life for himself with what he's got to work with.

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At times the reader gets a glimpse of the power he used to wield and of the hero he might someday become. Some of the side characters are even more interesting though. In general all of the characters have depth and are interesting to read about. There were points where I thought the story was a bit dry. This was one of those books where I wasn't sucked right into the story, but once I sat down and took time to read a chunk of the story I had trouble putting it down.

The idea of the Weird is interesting but similar to other books I have read where a faerie world merges with the human one. Overall I enjoyed the book and will definitely read the second one. I loved the humor, the intricate mystery, the idea of the Weird, and the interesting characters.

So his world is turned upside down when he suddenly finds that he himself has become one. Wrongly accused of a terrorist attack that rocked the city to its core, Connor evades arrest by going underground, where rumors of war are roiling. A final confrontation between the Celtic and Teutonic fey looks inevitable-with Boston as the battlefield…. Uncertain Allies. After a night of riots and fires, the Boston neighborhood known as the Weird is in ruins. And when a body is found drained of its essence, ex-Guild investigator Connor Grey is drawn into the case against his will.

And he has reason to be wary. Because the case will lead to an explosive secret that threatens to tear apart the city-and the world. Unperfect Souls. As the violence escalates, Connor is determined to stop it-with help from one of the most dangerous beings of Faerie. Even if it means unleashing the darkness that burns within him. Unfallen Dead.