The Widow of Branford

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David has been a shoreline resident since and lives with his wife Joann in Branford.

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He was born in Branford in and died, at sea, in , His stone, seen from Montowese Street, is close by the wall at Rice Terrance. There are Barkers, Frisbies, Bartholomews and Tylers. Who does not know of Blackstone, Hoadley, Plant and Palmer, all of whom gave the town its character and flavor, in their time?

These are the people who populated our town in the days long past. All left their mark upon our town, and its mark which makes our town special. The legacy of small town New England has been handed down to us by those hardy men and women.

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As we move into the next century, let us remember our roots…from wherever we have come, and pass that legacy to our children, and to theirs. And if you should stroll through one of the quiet, peaceful graveyards of Branford, perhaps you might hear the lines of this verse whispered softly on the air:. Skip to main content. Center Cemetery.

And if you should stroll through one of the quiet, peaceful graveyards of Branford, perhaps you might hear the lines of this verse whispered softly on the air: Walk softly, ye who wander here. Tread lightly as you go. Hear the echoes of the past Across the silent years. Besides the tidal river.

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Guilford Green is quite large and level, and is near the West River and the salt marshes south and west that lead to Long Island Sound. It was a sensible place to found a town on the Connecticut shore and indeed was the third town formed in the New Haven Colony, following Milford by about seven months in September In it there is a meeting house, upon the steeple of which is a publick clock.

Hamilton took about two hours to go from Guilford to Branford and arrived in New Haven three hours after that. I am taking much longer, but then again I am trying to write about each town and give a sense of the road now and at the time my fellow travelers would have traversed this path. Still, nice as Guilford is, it is time to head out on the road again. I walk toward the First Church as well-dressed families make their way into the building for a service and turn left onto Broad Street. This milestone is unlike the milestone in front of the Hyland House, which I believe is part of a more recent series of nineteenth-century milestones.

This one is covered in lichen, is made of a granite-like material, and is much more worn down. In any case, I am probably on the right track so I follow Broad Street, passing a number of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth century houses, to its terminus at the West River. As the sun sits low in the southwest sky over the salt marsh, the beautiful scene makes me want to linger here longer and look for some migrating herons or egrets who might be lagging behind. But I force myself to turn north away from the sun and walk alongside the east bank of the river on River Street.

If you recall, in the last entry I discussed the fact that the New Haven Colony harbored three of the judges who voted to execute Charles I, which was partly the reason the colony was folded into the Connecticut Colony shortly afterwards.

Branford - Connecticut

Not only is this a beautiful walk, it is full of evidence of the antiquity of the road. Again, to reiterate for those who might be confused, the name Boston Post Road was given to many stretches of US 1 when it was constructed in the early twentieth century.

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Parts of Boston Post Road incorporated older stretches of the original road, but much of the newer highway, which was designed for automobile traffic, bypassed the crowded downtown areas of many towns along the route. This junction is a good example: Boston Post Road in Guilford bypasses the Green, which is reached by Boston Street from the east and then reconnects with the original road here at River Street.

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From here, the road heads northwest out of the historic district. But first there is one more small detour on the old road: instead of heading straight west I arch up and over Boston Post Road for a few yards on York Street, passing what appears to be an old stone but which is illegible, and then passing two more early eighteenth-century houses, and finally crossing the West River at a point a few yards north of the current highway on a small bridge.

I rejoin Boston Post Road for the next few miles. A house from indicates this road too is quite old and the Westside Cemetery on top of a small rise above the salt marsh on the west side of the road confirms the antiquity of this route. Apparently according to Ralph Smith the cemetery originally was located on Guilford Green but was moved here in The houses start to thin, and I start to head uphill away from the center of Guilford as the sun gets lower in the sky. Guilford, Clockwise from top left: 1.

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As I approach I a flock of White-Throated Sparrows flits through the underbrush on the side of the road, a sure sign that snow cannot be far behind. On the older maps the road I am on is sometimes called Moose Hill Road and sometimes Stage Road, indicating it also served as a long distance road after the arrival of stagecoaches. The Dragon Turnpike I mentioned in the last entry most likely was not a turnpike like others developed at the time--there is no clear straight road from New Haven eastward, and it is likely the developers of the turnpike utilized the preexisting roads, hence the red sandstone milestones and the name Stage Road.

I cannot think of another dump I have passed on the entire route to date. The road gradually but noticeably heads uphill and the sides of the road occasionally become difficult to walk along as the shoulder disappears and the ground adjacent to the road slopes sharply away. Soon the sun sets, and I am obliged to stop at the Guilford Suites on the road from Guilford to Branford.

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