Taking It Like a Man

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Guys who wear that get beat up on my street.

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Still I've come this far, I can't retreat in my shell I'm in the hands of Elle! What the hell?

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Both: Here you'll become what you're suppose to be You think you can't but you can. Elle: God, I love shopping for guys!

Emmett: Okay this is strange. Elle: Watching the change right before my eyes.

Emmett: Don't watch me change. Elle: Look at him striking a pose. His confidence grows. He'll bloom like a rose. Emmett: Its just clothes Elle: God I love shopping for men.

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Emmett: Okay, this is nice. Elle: They walk in at two They walk out at ten Emmett: Is this the price? Elle: Don't worry this is my treat, There's someone I'd like you to meet.

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Emmett: I look like Warner. Elle: Yeah.

take it like a man

Emmett: But it's just me. But now it reflects, what's already in you. Couldn't change that if I wanted to And I do not. You look hot!

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      He also blogs regularly at dennissy. Chinkee Tan Life Coach and Best-Selling Author From singlehood to dating and courtship, to marriage and even to raising your children, this book is packed with godly principles and advice on how to become a real man! Marvin Germo Financial Coach and Best-Selling Author The world needs men who will stand for what is right, men who will not bow out and choose what is easy and comfortable. Visit Our Channel. Latest Posts.