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To transfer knowledge to the farming community through the Provincial Agricultural Services by holding master trainer seminars and producing a wide range of advisory bulletins, leaflets and pamphlets. To commercialize VPCI developed control technologies to various stake-holders through services provision and sale of products. Customize services activities related to rodent control in Civil hospital, Govt. One request of Deputy General Manager Site , Precision Engineering complex, Jinnah Terminal, survey was conducted to assess the population dynamics of rodents in the complex.

Severe commensal rats infestation was recorded in various sections. Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus being the dominant species followed by R. Survey was conducted at Fauji Akbar Portia FAP Terminal, Port Qasim which mainly deals with export of rice wheat and fertilizer from port Norway rat Rattus norvegicus infestation was recorded in central power station, cable net work, stores and open shed etc.

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Rats gnawing to underground cable intercepted the smooth power supply to loading machines and weighing scale and in offices. Detail technical report was submitted along cost estimates on yearly basis. The central power station is linked with cable net work to various shops and laboratory.

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The under ground cable is ofter gnawed by rodent causing break down of power supply. However, the problem gains magnitude after gap of one year and a detail survey was conducted and report has been submitted along with cost estimates to PMTF management. Two farming communities viz i Hussainabad ii Tarr Khawja.

In both area, 48 farmers participated. They were provided detail knowledge related to bait application methods in sugarcane and paddy crops. This is expected to cover thousand acres of sugar cane and paddy crop in Jati, Taluka, Thatta during FY.

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Badin, Altogether 22 lectures were delivered. During first week of May, training was conducted to circle staff of Pangrio sugar Mills related to rat control in cane fields in which twenty five 25 staff members participated including senior staff of cane department. It was also finalized to hold 06 farmers fields days, one in each circle during September But due to heavy flooding in the country especially the project area i.

A total of participants from Talukas Sujawal, Jati, Ghulamullah, Mirpur- Sakro and Ghora bari etc attended the workshop in addition to growers of the area.

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They were provided literature related to rodent biology, their damage pattern and management through PARC developed bait formulations Besides, on-field demonstration was provided for effective control of rat menace thus to enhance wheat crop produce. Ready to use PARC bait was provided on payment basis alongwith literature. They were demonstrated about field rat damage pattern, damage of porcupine the biggest rodent and use of PARC made ready to use baits in field, bunds and in orchards areas, thus to get maximum success against these pest animals.

Four, one day training programmes were organized at Agricultural Extension offices of Thatta districts, Farmers gathering were arranged to create awareness related rodent pests biology, their damage and to promote marketing activities of PARC rat baits. Overall, participants showed keen interest in rat biology, their damage pattern and effective management through application of PARC Rat baits. The effectiveness of PARC rat baits was demonstrated to create awareness and motivation among participants to adopt safe and effective rat bait technology to enhance crop yield.

Project Title: Occurrence of Rodent Contamination filth in grain commodities sampled from main grain markets of Karachi. Rat contamination in grain commodities is a great threat for human health and economy. During the reporting period, rodent contamination in rice sampled from main grain markets of Karachi was observed and analysed.

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Shopkeepers were interviewed to know the severity of the rat problem and control measures adopted by them. Data were recorded on printed proformas. Rice samples were collected from randomly selected shops in each market 10 samples from each. Area, Saddar; 0.

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Trapping of rats in all the surveyed markets for five successive trap nights revealed, high population of Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus. Helpful Hint: To maximize your chances of capturing pest animals, try placing a two-door animal trap lengthwise against a fence or wall. If possible, camouflage the trap with dirt and water, and cover it with foliage and twigs, to reduce glare and mask human odors. You can also place bait in a small hole under the trap's trigger plate.

Of course, choose species-specific bait.

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