Robert E. Howards Weird Works Volume 5: Valley Of The Worm (Weird Works of Robert E. Howard)

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This perspective informed the whole of his literary output, but is nowhere so clearly seen as in this assemblage of his writings on science. Beginning with the scientific journals, treatises and astronomy columns of HPL's early years, and continuing throughout his life, these writings illuminate Lovecraft's thought in a unique, and until now, largely unappreciated way. As a bonus, almost two-dozen of HPL's hand lettered star maps are reproduced.

Lovecraft traveled widely, and wrote at length about these expeditions. As a bonus, all of Lovecraft's hand-drawn maps and illustrations of the regions he visited are reproduced.

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In , Hippocampus will make the leap into Howardian studies with a centennial tribute to Robert E. Ben Szumskyj will edit this book, which is yet to be titled. Our friend Gavin sells books by H. Lovecraft and related authors, and stocks a full line of Hippocampus Press titles. He can also special-order books. Contact information Hippocampus Press can be contacted at info hippocampuspress. Please visit our website for ordering information. Timely informative articles on new stylles, techniques, and points-of-view appear with regular columns on legal issues, the freelance scene, software and book reviews, competition announcements and more.

Midnight House is planning to package orders over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Midnight House is pleased to announce a new collection of tales by the legendary Fritz Leiber. Considered by many to be the greatest writer in the field of fantastic fiction, Fritz Leiber's long and productive career spanned fifty years. Most of the stories gathered here are making their first appearance in book form or have been virtually unobtainable for many years. Fritz Leiber was the winner of every major award for science fiction, fantasy, and horror during his career. While many of his novels remain in print, much of his great short fiction has been virtually unobtainable for decades.

This is the third of a series of volumes dedicated to preserving all of Fritz Leiber's weird and macabre tales under the Midnight House imprint as a companion set to the volumes of science fiction published by Darkside Press. Midnight House is dedicated to the preservation of classic horror and weird fiction in handsome, inexpensive editions.

Printings are limited to numbered, casebound copies with sewn signatures. Horrible Imaginings features a striking cover by noted artist Allen Koszowski and will be ready for shipping in September of this year. All previous Leiber collections have sold out on publication and advance orders are strongly recommend. Minimum of three books to get the discount.

Just use the coupon code NS in the coupon code field. Pre-order your copy of the seventh issue of The Definitive Robert E. Howard Fanzine now! TGR 7 will be available December 10th. Issues 5 and 6 are nearly sold out, and this issue is sure to be a bestseller as well! Order from and make checks and money orders payable to: Damon C. The Robert E. Howard Companion - Available in the next few weeks!

The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard by Robert E. Howard

The front cover art is by Kelly Everaert. The back cover art is by Mel White. This issue will also have art by Steve Trout and Bob Barger. Serenity - Firefly film rescheduled! Apparently April got crowded with a lot of titles aimed at a similar demographic, and the studio decided September was a clearer corridor for the film to make the kind of impact it should. According to Whedon, "This isn't about a lack of confidence in the film — in fact, they told me this before they even saw it.

And now they have seen it, and unless they're way better liars than I'm used to, they dug it. Actually, they dug it pretty large, which is a good sign since there's not a single finished effect in the film. Either way, the date is not too far away and a great start to the new year. The film will be released in separate anamorphic widescreen and full frame versions, each with Dolby Digital 5.

Extras will include 5 behind-the-scenes featurettes on the production, the film's special effects, the vision behind the film's animation and more , the original short that inspired the film, deleted scenes, a gag reel and other features TBA. Some early artwork unfinalised is shown at the right. Simak produced over short stories during his long and illustrious career.

Until now, there has never been an attempt to collect his entire output in book form. Darkside Press is pleased to announce the first in a project twelve-volume series which will at long last gather all of the short fiction of Clifford D. Simak into book form. Editor Phil Stephenson-Payne has painstakingly assembled twelve volumes with an eye toward each book serving as an overview of the great author's output.

Each volume will contain approximately , words and feature a mix of the well-known and the obscure. Each volume will feature a guest introduction by a well-known author in the genre and each volume is strictly limited to copies as are all of our Darkside Press titles. Volume one is planned for an early summer release just prior to the centenary anniversary of the author's birth. Obviously this project will take several years for completion as these titles will be interspersed with the other Darkside Press releases.

For those wishing to support this project and guard against possible price increases, we are offering a subscription plan. You get two books free and a matched set! For payment instructions e-mail jpelan cnw. Studies in Fantasy Literature 2 - Now available! An in-depth examination of H.

Lovecraft's usage of felines in his famed short tale. Published to coincide with this essays release in Italian. The under-rated series of books by Steven Erikson pseudonym of the Canadian archaeologist and anthropologist Steven Lundin is probed and dissected to uncover the roots of what makes this memorable journey worthy of being one of the best fantasy tales ever woven.

A biographical survey of Fritz Leiber's contemporary and friend, with a strong emphasis on the influence the two authors had on one another. According to Superman-V. Singer wants him to play The Daily Planet head honcho. No word on whether Larson is going to accept the offer. The holidays have once again snuck up at the Wildside Press offices, but we haven't forgotten our annual Thanksgiving Holiday Special Offer newsletter!

This will be a 4-DVD set. A week later, on January 12th, it will take on its regular timeslot from pm to pm. Bad luck haunted much of his career. He began his life as an artist on the eve of the Great Depression and was forced to labor as a malcontented advertising agency art director through much of the s. Coye was ready to make a breakthrough when he began to appear in the Whitney Museum's annual exhibitions and had a watercolor brought by the Metropolitan Museum for its permanent collection--then Pearl Harbor was attacked.

The arrival of abstractionists fleeing war-torn Europe forced American artists working in a realistic style, like Coye, to the periphery of the art world. While Coye dabbled in abstract paintings, and later worked as a medical artist and cartoonist, he always considered himself primary an illustrator. In periodicals such as Weird Tales and Amazing Stories, Coye's uniquely macabre and original art found the perfect home. Illustrating horror stories matched Coye's anatomy lessons with his macabre sensibilities. At this time his studios were gothic abodes filled with skeletons, dead animals, live rats, and human body parts from a medical college - all models for his art.

Some of his best work was done for pulp magazines and Arkham House works by H. As a child he was considered a 'holy terror'. As an adult, after a hard day of doing medical illustrations, he thought nothing of walking into a bar carrying a decapitated human head under his arm, placing it on the counter and buying his guillotined 'friend' a drink.

Valley of the Worm, by Robert E. Howard (Weird Works vol. 5) (Hardcover)

On another occasion he 'borrowed' the finger-bone of a saint a holy relic he was building a reliquary for from the Catholic Church in his hometown of Syracuse, New York. The Syracuse diocese was beside itself and had to send clergy to perform a blessing on Coye's studio since the relic could only travel to holy places. You would have to go back to Goya's black paintings to find anything comparable. Yet despite the darkness, Coye's art was always filled with traces of humor. The house was surrounded by bizarre constructs of lashed-together sticks and had an unusual tenant.

The unexplained display seemed to allude to some dark nature, and stayed with Coye the rest of his life. Later on, sticks would become a recurring motif in his illustrations. Horror writer Karl Wagner transmogrified the incident into an award winning story, "Sticks", which may have influenced the makers of Blair Witch. The author has interviewed many of Coye's relatives and friends, and was allowed complete access to the artist's personal archives, including diaries and letters.

Featuring over pieces of art by Coye, including many never before published. Proving himself more than a match for whatever comes his way, Conan has become one of the most enduring and strangely endearing characters in all of popular culture. The stories in this edition feature more tales of thrilling adventure and chilling betrayal as only writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema could deliver.

Conan 13 - Coming in February! Thoth-amon launches a terrible magical attack on Conan as the High Priest Kalanthes calls upon the power of an ancient holy site. The natural world explodes in a monstrous outpouring of beetles and weeds, and an acolyte of Kalanthes succumbs to the power of the evil god Set. The Conan dynasty continues! Now Conan's earliest adventures are collected in a handsome page collection.

More Conan the Barbarian Stories by Robert E. Howard - Audiobook

Catch all the action and savagery as he wars with the murderous Vanir, meets the Frost Giant's Daughter, and is taken as a slave by the ancient sorcerers of Hyperborea! This top-selling new series faithfully expands on original author Robert E. Howard's literary creation. Collecting issues 1- 6 and fourteen pages from issue 7 of the ongoing series. Doc Savage Reprints - Five more reprints are now available! Five more titles are planned by the end of the month!

Buzz Corry on the popular s children's science-fiction television program "Space Patrol" and later was a regular on numerous TV soap operas, has died. He was Click here for complete information. Written by Michael Moorcock, art and cover by Walter Simonson. The mini-series continues as Elric embarks on another dreamquest. But once Elric has proven himself, can he wrest control from his scheming cousin Yyrkoon?

It in fact is actually going back to a lot more of the original source material for Flash and is not based on the movie. And tonally, as sort of broad entertainments as the films we make are, clearly we haven't ever worked at that level of camp. So we're not moving in that direction at all. There's all kinds of material. There's comics. There's serials.

So all of those things provide source material. What really happens is he comes across a screenplay, or he writes a screenplay, that he's interested in. And it really always comes down to the script, and since these things are works in progress it's really hard to say. For him as a director, I don't think he's really settled on what it is that he's going to do next.

Hauptmann A literary and visual feast, this 8. Sidebars with essays, correspondence, and articles are decorated with over book and magazine covers and interior illustrations. A copy slipcased edition signed by Williamson, Willis, Clarke and the editors is available. A copy lettered, full-color, leather-bound edition is in preparation--please inquire for details.

James Bond 21 Citing a "top industry source," Moviehole reports that Eon Productions is only considering "one" actor for the role of in the next James Bond film. That thesp is Ioan Gruffudd, soon to be seen as Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movie. Gruffudd's credits include King Arthur and the Horatio Hornblower telepics. Moviehole claims that "others may float into the mix, but at the moment, he's the only guy that EON are seriously considering for the role.

GoldenEye director Martin Campbell will helm Bond 21 from a screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, which reportedly contains "more of the elements of earlier Bond pics than the more recent effects-packed pictures. Take a look at the process the entire team has to go through to complete less than 10 seconds of footage. Peter is not relying only on CGI to create depth and atmosphere, he is very cleverly using a mix of live action, models and CGI. Some amazing stuff! Written by Howard Chaykin, art and cover by Russ Heath Inspired by Philip Wylie's novel Gladiator, Legend is a 4-issue mini-series telling the story of Hugo Danner, a man blessed with super-human strength and invulnerability, but cursed with all-too-human failings.

This mini-series details the physical, emotional and social ramifications of Hugo's abilities as he grows to manhood, desperately searching for acceptance -- and for the role he's meant to play in the world. Be entertained by this digitally restored and remastered collection as you listen to such classic episodes as The Laughing Corpse , A Nephew is Found , and Batman's Great Mystery.

Excitement, intrigue and suspense await all who listen to this spellbinding collection of masked marvels and who read it's accompanying page behind- the -scenes booklet. This marvelous collection will entertain both old and young alike! The Phantom jets to Chicago to help an old friend who is entombed in a bizarre catatonic stupor. A deposed African dictator who has begun a second life as a high-end drug dealer, seems to be the man behind this. As the Phantom steadies a bead on his assumed target, however, the shadowy hand of a CIA agent knocks him unsteady.

What secrets must he keep dark from the Phantom's steely stare? Curse of the mummy? Just what makes the dried, hollowed corpse of Imjah Ra so different from the other crusty stiffs from ancient Egypt? That's what Kolchak would like to know Kolchak discovers a local museum employee in the same predicament Howard E-Texts - Now available!

Blackmask Online reports the following Howard stories are in the public domain and are now available online. It all comes down to this: a showdown in space! The only thing standing between the Terror's seizure of Colonel Future's time-warping ship is Tom Strange. But is he powerful enough to stop this monstrosity? Could this be the end of Terra Obscura as we know it? Written by Michael Moorcock, art and cover by Jerry Ordway. Part 1 of a 2-issue tale. Together with Solomon and Pneuman, they must travel back through time, across the Moonbeam Roads that bridge the multiverse, to find the one responsible for this dire threat: Count Zodiac.

Collecting Tom Strong , this softcover collection brings back some old favorites and introduces some new ones! This final issue is an absolute classic. Final issue. This issue has all the usual features "The Haunted Corral" etc. Highly recommended, especially for Lovecraft fans! Now, this groundbreaking series is available in a large-format, slipcased collection.

This includes issues , plus the 0 story that introduced the characters. Witness the stunning adventures of this dynamic trio as they delve into the dark secret places that most would fear to tread. From Universal Home Video! The article runs four pages.

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  • C ONAN Dark Horse Comics has announced that they are branching off from the main Conan title with some heavy-hitting side projects—the goal is to have two Conan books every month! One project will be an adaptation of Jewels of Gwahlur by P. Craig Russell. Click here for the entire Dark Horse Press Release. Unique in the comics industry in that they reflect both the professional and the reader's choice, the Eagle Awards comprise of two distinct stages: i A Nominations Form allows the entire comics community to choose their favourites.

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    Conan accused of murder! Burglarizing a lush temple, Conan stumbles across a dead body and is blamed for the crime. But can the city guard even hope to hold him? Part One of our two-part adaptation of Robert E. Find out how their long rivalry begins. Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week. Gianni has been drawing the Sunday pages from scripts written by Cullen Murphy.

    Starting on November 21st, Cullen Murphy will be leaving the strip to be replaced by the strips new writer, Mark Schultz the illustrator of Wandering Star's Conan Volume 1. This title will be available in June and is pages with a full color section. Written by Kevin J. Lord Dynamo unleashes the awesome power of his gigantic zeppelin and an army of cyborg zombies. It's a battle of lightning blasts and powers that could level New York City.

    And a JSA member will not only lose his claim to power, but also his closest friend. X-Files scribe Frank Spotnitz is writing the script. Moonstone has done it again! They have uncovered another Kolchak TV script that was never produced! Never before seen in any official form!

    With his patented skills as a world class snoop, he discovers that the laboratory, and the shadowy figures that fund its experiments, have much to hide. But when a seemingly unrelated murder takes place with KOLCHAK as its only witness, there is no power on earth than can stop our man from uncovering the horrible truths behind these deaths.

    It is written by Howard Chaykin and illustrated by the legendary Russ Heath.

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    • Chaykin says "I moved the timeline of the book up from to , and that was really, the only major adjustment I made. Director Martin Campbell is currently shooting the film for a September 23, release date. Click here to view a film clip, which includes footage of several scenes and interviews with Banderas and Zeta-Jones. McFarland Publishers - Now available! The work begins with a history of the house and biography of August Derleth; it also includes a chapter on H.

      These entries detail editions, reprints, special points, restoration, care, buying and selling, investment, and future trends. Other features include alphabetical indeces of titles and authors, lists of scarcity and value ranking, a list of annual stock lists and catalogs, and a bibliography of reference literature.

      The book is illustrated throughout with dust jacket reproductions and photographs. McFarland Publishers - Coming Soon! Brady Edgar Rice Burroughs was not satisfied with creating characters and events within the world that we know; instead he created whole new worlds for histories, and he filled them with peoples, languages, cities, wars, plants, machines, and monsters that were believable to the reader, yet still alien and fantastic enough to thrill and delight.

      From A-Kor, the keeper of the Towers of Jetan in Manator, through Zytheb, one of the priests of Brulor in Ashair, this is a comprehensive reference to the fantastic worlds of Burroughs. Each entry provides a complete definition, along with a reference to the book in which the entry appeared. For terms, the language, either actual e. Freedom was in mortal peril - as was Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the nation's spy service, battling the bloody tide that swirled on land and sea.

      Into Death's Temple Jimmy rushed headlong. It was originally published in March This title can be ordered now from the Wildside Press Online Bookstore. Pirates of the Caribbean - Sequel news! Last we heard, the second and third films were set to shoot back-to-back later this year. Latino Review recently spoke with producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer who talked briefly about the forthcoming flicks.

      Bruckheimer says he's still hoping to make the sequels consecutively. If Disney will write a check, we'll do it," he says. That's what you shoot for. You only learn through making mistakes, so we'll watch what Back to the Future did and Matrix did and hopefully not repeat what they did.

      He has a subtitle, but he isn't telling just yet. Regarding Richards, Bruckheimer cautions, "We don't have him yet. A source for IESB says the actress is up for a role in the film, but does not reveal further details. Production on the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel or sequels, should back-to-back productions get approved is set to begin early next year.

      Shocking betrayals are revealed as the gripping miniseries continues. Tom Strange finds his plans of reaching the mysterious craft thwarted by a most unexpected source just as the time distortions turn deadly. Pearl Harbor gets attacked again -- with no warships present and civilians as the target. A fight between rival oil companies for control of valuable land in the jungle threatens the existence of a savage tribe protected by "The Tiger Woman" Linda Stirling.

      The pace never lags in this two-fisted jungle adventure! The dustjacket is in production.

      Worms Of the Earth by Robert E. Howard

      All products are new condition unless noted otherwise. Store Wide Sale! Howard Volume 1 Robert E. Howards professional career spans a dozen years, from his first story sale, "Spear and Fang" in , to his western masterpiece, "The Vultures of Wahpeton" shortly before his death in He wrote for a wide spectrum of magazines from Argosy to Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine, but the one constant in his varied and interesting career is Weird Tales magazine.

      Collected here is the earliest of Howard's poetry and prose written for Weird Tales , in the order of publication. For fans and scholars, it's a treat to be able to watch Howard's development of themes, ideas and style as he produced some of the most memorable characters -- Solomon Kane, King Kull, Bran Mac Morn, and ultimately his greatest character of all -- Conan the Cimmerian!