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Add your own touches which could be, more salt, more seasonings. The possibilities are endless. It is served over penne pasta. Yet, it is delicious and my husband requests it often. Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself, your career, or the profession that would be interesting or helpful to others aspiring to write a cookbook? I am first a wife, mother, grandmother and Registered Nurse. At the age of 58 I decided to earn my Nursing Degree.

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I graduated in as Valedictorian of my class. I subsequently worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for 5 years and now work in the Pre-admission Testing Unit of a local hospital. I have four beautiful, loving grandchildren.

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I love to cook and feel comfortable in the kitchen. I tend to be a nurturer by nature so cooking satisfies that part of who I am.

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Anyone who likes to cook and serve their families should begin by writing their recipes down. Also, collect family recipes from relatives. It is a legacy to leave those who come after us. One day I made a pecan pie. I put it in the oven, set the timer and waited the allotted time for it to bake. The timer rang, I opened the oven door with the intention of removing it. It was beautiful. The pecans on top were toasted.

It was a lovely sight. I reached in with my pot holders to pick it up and the whole pie slid out of the pie plate onto the bare oven rack. I stood there for a few minutes, staring at the pie dripping onto the oven floor. I felt like I was dreaming.

It was quite a task to clean the oven after that incident. Keep your meals simple. That way you will learn the basics of cooking.

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Master the simple recipes, then move on to more difficult ones. Use your imagination. Pair ingredients that you like into your recipes. Interested in buying the cookbook? He played for the State Department chess team at age 11, graduated from Stanford, taught Computer and Information Science, and still loves math and strategy games.

Favorite number: e 2. Tanto cielo per niente Italian Edition - download pdf or read online. Download PDF sample. Standout truffles contain the tiramisu he made along with his mom while he used to be 8 years previous and his now-famous basil panna cotta that helped win him the name of MasterChef. Rinse and dry one of the baking sheets and line it with paper towels. In a shallow bowl, whisk the eggs with the milk and grappa, if using. Add a pinch of salt, then gradually incorporate the flour, whisking the whole time.

Dip the eggplant slices in the batter one at a time, coating them on both sides and then lifting them a few inches above the bowl to drain excess batter. As each is coated, place it in the oil. Be especially careful with the first slice, as the oil may splash a bit.

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