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Mathematical olympiad challenges. Mathematical Olympiad Challenges, Second Edition. Brittish Mathematical Olympiad.

Math Team Canada at the International Mathematical Olympiad

Mathematical Olympiad Treasures. Mathematical olympiad treasures. Mathematical Olympiad Treasures Second Edition. Inequalities: A mathematical olympiad approach.

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Challenge & Olympiad - UCT Mathematics Competition

The introductions to many sections were rewritten, adopting a more user-friendly style with more accessible and inviting examples. The material has been updated with more than 70 recent problems and examples. Figures were added in some of the solutions to geometry problems. Reader suggestions have been incorporated. We would like to thank Dorin Andrica and Iurie Boreico for their suggestions and contributions. Also, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Richard Stong for reading the entire manuscript and considerably improving its content.

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The first is in teaching, where one moves away from routine exercises and memorized algorithms toward creative solutions to unconventional problems. The second consists in spreading problem-solving culture throughout the world.

58th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2017)

Mathe- matical Olympiad Challenges reflects both trends. It gathers essay-type, nonroutine, open-ended problems in undergraduate mathematics from around the world. Our definition of an exercise is that you look at it and you know immediately how to complete it. It is just a question of doing the work. Whereas by a problem, we mean a more intricate question for which at first one has probably no clue to how to approach it, but by perseverance and inspired effort, one can transform it into a sequence of exercises.

We have chosen mainly Olympiad problems, because they are beautiful, interesting, fun to solve, and they best reflect mathematical ingenuity and elegant arguments. Mathematics competitions have a long-standing tradition.

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