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Given that there wasn't much in the way of online resources for Linux back then, it was good to have a book that walked through the installation process and explained all the features, too. A quick search of amazon shows no shortages of such books today.

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If you find yourself at a command prompt, run ls to list the files in the current directory. You'll notice several directories that are common to almost all Unices :. There are also hard links, in which there are two true, indistingushible references to the same file, but these are less commonly used. The command cat is actually meant to do more powerful things than just look at files, but that's what it's most commonly used for.

If the file is too long to fit on a screen, use less instead of cat.

To quit less , press q. You're going to spend a lot of time editing text, so you'll want to learn one or both of the powerful Unix text editors: emacs and vim.

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This will bring up the man ual page for command , which will document how the command operates; it frequently provides examples of usage. The apropos can help you find the command you're looking for if you don't know it's name. It will search a database of command descriptions. If you're looking for text within a file or a set of files, grep is the right tool. The command grep pattern file The pattern language used throughout Unix is called regular expressions , and there are many good introductions to these, including the man page for grep.

To list all files under the working directory and its subdirectories , try the command find.

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For example:. Using Unix is becoming increasingly important as the Internet grows and more and more companies implement Unix or Linux systems.

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  4. This course is designed for the first time or basic Unix user. The course is ideally suited for those who are currently using Unix but wish to know how it works and to extend their knowledge. It is also suitable for those with no Unix experience.

    Optionally, the course can cover common tools used by developers such as make and SCCS, please contact us for further details. All our trainers are practising Linux consultants with extensive experience with Linux and Unix in large commercial environments. They are ideally suited to bringing you the highest quality of training.

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    Our courses are available world-wide as on-site courses and at our training venues as public courses. Learn how your comment data is processed. Top 10 Must have Books for Unix and Linux.

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