Atlas of Human Skeletal Anatomy

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Atlas of Human Anatomy - 6th Edition

Jimena Chavez. Ninie Sharkhan. Izni Fatihah. Incidence of Cervical Stenosis, Radiographic and Anatomic. Marylin Pilar Garrote Zambra. Telle Ang.

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Physiology, Regulation, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Anca Tuchiac. Popular in Vertebral Column. Devendaaran Vanavaramban. Shanty Lyzha.

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  8. Nancy Morales. E-classroom Skeletal System Questions and Answers. Aminu Teslim. Parts of Os sphenoidale 4 , Os lacrimale 6 , Os palatinum 7 and Os ethmoidale 5 form together with the already described bones the bottom of Orbita, separated by Sutura frontoethmoidalis e , sphenofrontalis d , sphenozygomatica f , zygo-maticomaxillaris c , ethmoido-maxillaris, frontolacrimalis, palato-maxillaris and palatoethmoidalis. Fissura orbitalis inferior Fi , located between Os sphenoidale and the upper orbital part of Maxilla is passed by Nervus zygomaticus, Nervus infraorbitalis and their corresponding vessels.

    With the exception of Mandibula the lower jaw , each skull- bone is connected by tight immovable joints to the bones of the neighborhood.


    In adults Suturae consist of tight connective tissue. The Frankfort Horizontal plane is defined by tree points: the bottom margin of the left eye cavity and the top margins of the external auditory porus see chapter 2. Perspective Explanation Norma frontalis View at the frontal outer surface of skull Norma occipitalis View at the back posterior outer surface of skull Norma lateralis View at the left or right outer surface of skull from side Norma verticalis View at the top outer surface of skull Norma basalis View at the inferior outer surface of skull Fig.

    COM 5PAGE Front view Norma frontalis of the skull shows the bones of the facial skull Viscerocranium and the frontal bone Os frontale , which already belongs to the Neurocranium , at the top: The most prominent structures in this view are the frontal bone Os frontale at the top, the zygomatic arches laterally, the mandible the lower jaw, Mandibula at the bottom, both orbital excavations Orbitae below the frontal bone, the anterior nasal aperture Apertura nasalis anterior , Apertura piriformis located in the middle line between both orbital cavities, and the dentition, which belongs to the upper Maxilla and the lower jaw Mandibula.

    The frontal bone Os frontale articulates downwards on both sides with the nasal bones Ossa nasalia, sing. Os nasale , more lateral with Maxillae , the lacrimal bones Ossa lacrimalia, sing. Os lacrimale and with the zygomatic bones Ossa zygomatica, sing.

    Individual Human Bones and Sets

    Os frontale and Ossa nasalia are joined to one another by the almost horizontal frontonasal suture Sutura frontonasalis. The lateral arched parts of Os frontale have contact to Os zygomaticum. Both bones form together with the upper parts of Maxilla the exterior margins of the eye cavity orbital cavity or Orbita on both sides see Fig.

    At this moment it is only important to note, that the above mentioned bones extend into the orbital interior, where they form in complex connections with four other bones Os lacrimale, Os ethmoidale, Os sphenoidale, Os palatinum the pyramidal orbital cavities. The anterior nasal aperture Apertura nasalis anterior or Apertura piriformis is located approximately in the middle of the facial cranium, below both nasal bones Ossa nasalia and between both Maxillae.