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The Lincoln Highway was primarily built using private funding from automobile manufacturers. Some cities funded the project as well, and paved the roads to attract tourism. Despite this funding, much of the road remained unpaved by , and drivers traveled through the dirt and mud to get to San Francisco. The federal government took over the American highway system in , and split the Lincoln Highway into four different routes. The Lincoln Highway is now part of U. Truckers use these routes daily to transport their goods. Historic Route 1 Historic Route 1 was designated as such in by the federal government.

It was also previously known as the Atlantic Highway, as much of the route used this existing roadway.

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This route takes travelers through both major cities, such as Boston and Washington D. Florida replaced 37 bridges on U.

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Route 1 in to address traffic issues and provide wider bridge spans. Historic Route 1 provides a critical thoroughfare for truck drivers hauling loads up and down the East Coast. Historic Route 66 U. Route 66 was designated on November 11, Along with Route 1, it was one of the first U. Signage for Route 66 was erected in During its early years, Route 66 became a source of income for entrepreneurs who set up businesses along the route to aid weary travelers.

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Drivers still travel the historic route today, which takes travelers through eclectic places such as Roswell, New Mexico. President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt that building highways and toll roads would give unemployed Americans work. Congress explored this idea through the Federal Aid Highway Act of , which studied the feasibility of toll roads and free roads throughout the U. President Dwight D. Eisenhower took office in January , and understood the advantages an interstate highway system presented based on his military time in Germany during the war. Congress, with support by President Eisenhower, enacted the Federal-Aid Highway Act of , which began construction and maintenance of the federal highway system we know today.

Route 66, now I, which was being built through Laclede County.

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